6 More Reasons Why You Like MAN OF STEEL


(So I did get it to 33 and a bit beyond — I’ve been given an inspiring symbol to help surpass myself.)

30. This is not a “dark” Superman movie that departs from the franchise’s optimism and charm, it’s not a mopey one that mourns for 1980s blockbusters, it’s a serious one that suits Superman’s authority while saving some wonder for his wish-fulfillment.

31. It’s also a full-employment program for Galactica, Whedon and Smallville veterans.

32. In its portrayal of bullies who become comrades through their goodhearted targets’ patient persistence (i.e., Clark’s forbearance with Pete), Man of Steel is a handbook of mercy, on making allies rather than eliminating enemies.

33. The classic yellow is not too noticeable in this costume’s makeover, sometimes a dull gold and sometimes just a shadow of the dusky gunmetal navy-and-brick of the rest of the suit — but the promo graphics elegantly restore this color-key element by shining a sunny gold highlight on the inner contours of the “S” (I mean the “hope”).

34. I’m not letting go of this Perry-White-is-from-space thing — when he registers that little nod of… recognition? approval? relief? calculation? …upon seeing Kal and Lois kiss, is it a fatherly acceptance of Lois’ happiness, a notation of some emotional string he can pull with a rebellious employee, sheer report-ly instincts of sizing up the situation kicking in, an optimism that Kal will have some personal interest to bond him to Earth’s people…or a mental ticking off of some stage in his stewardship of a fellow Kryptonian, ’cuz that empty pod had benevolent descendants and Perry is one?

35. DC, call me!!


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