Okay, it’s really 12, but the title sounds scarier this way, and the fear of…well, SOME supernatural being is what we hope to put into all who may join our cause.

Twelve days remain in the Kickstarter campaign for NIGHTWORLD, my first-ever crowdfunding effort and hopefully-next published comic. It’s a Dante’s Inferno repeated as farce, with poignant messages about reclaimed souls rising from the flames. It’s retro style and pomo storytelling.

If those within the sound of this blog like what they see at THIS LINK, they are encouraged to pitch in, or to shout the news from their own online rooftops and old scary castle battlements. Shares, posts, tweets, news-website coverage and email blasts and word-of-mouth have been adding to our undead legions pricelessly.

This post will stay up like a lonely, haunted tower ’til OCTOBER 7, which is the funding deadline. We’ve gotten a lot of help, and your support, ideas and connections are what could save the day. I mean, NIGHT! Thanks.


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