Hey! My name is Adam McGovern and this is how I look before you meet me. I’m an industrious pop-pundit and comicbook writer. And lecturer.  A little poetry.  Do you have maybe any yard waste you need moved to the curb or somethin’? Anyway. I’ve started this blog as a kind of command-center for my other work online and a place to post the pieces that other employers deem, um, just too ahead of their time. It will fill in as we go but there are some links below. Also feel free to click here and Face me. Did I say that right??

Anyway, coffee cups and tablet screens in the upright position…

Most important to mention at the moment is that my full-length debut from Image Comics (the people who let The Walking Dead loose on you) is coming on August 6, 2014 — Nightworld is four issues of gourmet cheese and grindhouse goodness. Check the announcement here and our Facebook page here.

My short essays on celebrity, politics and pulp – and some of my webcomics with Paolo Leandri and Frank Reynoso – on HiLoBrow.com! (A TIME magazine “Best Blog of 2010,” which was the year before I joined, so the law of cause-and-effect may obtain…)

New from 2013: My debuts on The Rumpus’ poetry pages (here), in LA Review of Books’ Comics-analysis section (here) and amongst The Beat’s comics-festival reportage (here)!

My diverse writings on horror, sci-fi, educational comics, coded feminism and more at Tor.com!

Gameshow and twinkie studies, autobio, and electoral ruminations 1912–present on a comicbook fanblog – they always said those things would wreck my attention-span!

My noir elegy in funnybook form with maestro Reid Psaltis on the digital arts salon Trip City!

I lecture regularly – on leaving the seat up, drinking soymilk right from the container, the location of car-keys – just messin’ with ya, here’s one about dubbing comics into English and still listening for their song…

Here’s me addressing 5 questions of the elusive cosmos (but the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow will cost extra)!

This is me practicing talkshow-host without a license, in conversation with novelist Glen David Gold

And here is my essay on his novel Sunnyside for Crooked Timber, the recreational blog of Internet Masters of the Universe ICANN from their secret island base in Britain, where the locals were well and truly unamused by my stream-of-composition. Scroll through the comments to see how I singlehandedly turn the Special Relationship into a Bad Romance!

And, in entirely enough for now, read my essay for an Italian website’s anniversary tribute to the Fantastic Four, on how every unhappy family is mutated in its own way… (Italian version with sleek graphics here, English text with dodgy formatting and fonts here)

6 thoughts on “About

    1. adammcgovern46 Post author

      A simple transporter malfunction; we can work it out. Or decide in an alien arena, or find each other a separate habitable dimension. Either way, it’ll be fine.

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  2. Ben

    NIGHTWORLD is glorious; perfect for both this moment in my life and the thirty-seven-or-so years before it. Thankyou.

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